Typically I’m not a huge fan of rooms where everything in it came from the same place. That being said, I want everything at West Elm right now! It’s so easy for me to deisgn for other people but when it comes to my own house I’m always changing my mind. It’s like West Elm found a way to define my style. A little bit rustic, a touch of color, lot’s of navy and gray, and just the right amount of modern and just the right amount of eclectic.

sofaI have a slight obsession with the chesterfield sofa. The classic look goes with any decor. This color gray is perfection, now if I could figure out how to turn this into a sleeper sofa…

chairsLove the modern lines West Elm brought to another classic; the windsor chair.

cushionsIn my home we treat navy blue as a neutral. I can just see these on my sofa alongside my colorful Anthropologie pillows.

The texture of this woven denim jute rug adds so much depth to a room. How do I know you ask? Well, I couldn’t resist, it now resides in our bedroom.

When I walk into a client’s home the first thing I look at is the lighting. Lamps and light fixtures can say so much about their design esthetic. This lamp has it all. The white ceramic keeps it modern, the metallic base gives it an antique feel, and the shade adds just the right amount of texture.

A blue kantha chair! enough said.

coverletIt’s hard to tell from the photo, but these are oh so soft. The vibrant color and hand blocked print adds so much interest to any bed. I can just imagine it folded at the end of mine.

frames Just about every client I have worked with since these frames came out have them in their home. I can’t get enough of the linen mats.

It’s everything that I love  (gray and stripes!) wrapped up into one perfect shpower cutain.


Or porch, patio, balcony, fire escape whatever it is you call “backyard”.  A functional outdoor space can be an extention of your home. A living room and perhaps kitchen (grill anyone?) in the fresh air.

Now that we moved into a much larger space we have a backyard and back porch, along with a front yard and front porch. Granted they need a little cosmetic work, but I’m all about spending as much time as possible outside. That means; dining, cooking, entertaining, and playing  (we do have an 9 month old). More on our new space at a later time. For now here are a few of my favorite things for any outdoor space.

I always gravitate to rustic pieces for outside. You don’t want to take away from the elements, but I always like to incorporate a pop of color.



Ah the entryway. It’s one of the most overlooked rooms of a home and it serves such an important purpose. It’s the first thing people see what they walk in, a gateway of sorts into your homes interior. It’s a place where your shoes are left, your keys are stored, and perhaps a few reminder notes are left. Most entryways I come across are nonfunctional cluttered, neglected places. I’m all for a lived in look, but there’s no excuse for a pile a junk to stay somewhere for long.

At the moment my entryway consists of an antique dresser hiding all of our junk, a vintage mirror rests on top, and an antique metal coat rack and the walls are adorned with vintage maps of the town that we live in.

Here are some of my favorites for the entryway.


*console*magnet hook*chest*mirror*hookmaker*coat rack*


Navy Blue

by Adriana on 03/10/2011

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So I’ve been on the hunt for a long time for the perfect fabric to recover my living room chairs. Seen here. I’ve had them for way to long, but the simply clean lines makes them timeless.

I’m tired of looking at that color brown! What’s the next best color you ask?
Why navy blue of course! It’s my go to color (well, other than gray) for an unexpected neutral.

Stop looking I’ve found it. The perfect fabric to recover my timeless brown chairs. It’s perfect! The scale is just right for the chairs and the color will go with everything (in my house at least). Of course the perfect fabric doesn’t come cheap, we are setting money aside for this one. But one day, out of the blue, I’ll post the after pictures of my new and improved chairs.


Here are some other inspiring navy pieces…don’t you just wanna make room for them in your house?


How To Organize Just About Anything

by Adriana on 03/08/2011

in Green Home

I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to go through waves of organization. There are times that I’m super OCD and everything must be put into place. Then there are times when I could care less and just throw things places. The cycle then repeats itself when I feel like everything is closing in. Perhaps it has something to do with the seasons. Spring and Fall for instance, I’m the most OCD. Summer and Winter not so much. With Spring quickly approaching (come on warm weather!) lets bring on the organization.

The basics of organization are simple; keep your space clutter free and if you happen to have a lot of clutter than keep it contained. Done.
Oh, well I guess I should go on….

First and foremost…throw away, donate, force upon a friend, whatever it takes to get those things you no longer use out of your house. I typically start one room at a time and leave organized bags to donate or trash in my wake. Then I line them up by the front door. I figure if the bags block the front door someone’s bound to take care of it (you’d be amazed at how talented my husband is at ignoring the trash blocking the door).

Recipes should be gone through. If you don’t handle them electronically then invest in a good recipe box with categories.
Recipe Box

Everyone has a junk drawer of some kind. I in-fact have three. One junk drawer uses some of my favorite small vintage bowls to hold nails, paper clips, and so much more. For drawers, compartments are key. The junk drawer in my foyer for instance has an official drawer organizer in it. Which helps to keep keys in one place, important business cards, stamps and anything else we may need to find and grab on the way out the door.

tray-organizer I always feel like if perhaps my laundry is stored in a beautiful basket I will be more inclined to wash our clothes more often. That is not the case for me, but maybe it’ll work for you.


I have a TON of magazines. As a decorator I’m always loaning them out to clients for inspiration, so I have to keep them in tip top shape. Most are stored in the typical ikea magazine file box (doesn’t everyone have at least one in their house?) but I like to keep the ones that may help inspire a new project out where I can see them. Not only are these handy for magazines but wouldn’t bills and other immediate paper work look perfect in there?
magazine-storageMedicine cabinets never seem to have enough room to hold everything. Ours is always bursting open and spilling over in the middle of the night. How genius is this!?!

No words are really necessary for this one. I need it for our bathroom stat.


Someone once told me to keep spare sheets folded and stored in the coordinating pillow case. We may not have a linen closet per say, but this helps to keep our walk-in”catch all” closet looking organized.

I’m a sucker for pretty things so a bit I’m torn as to which one I want to go with to store Tucker’s toys in. Whatever I choose I know it will work perfect and add to my living room decor. Who wants to see toys all the time?

Moral of this organizing story… continually filter through your things and keep everything contained.


Lovein’ for the Kitchen

by Adriana on 03/03/2011

in Green Home

I love a good series. Especially when it includes some of my favorite things. Well, since I missed the holiday “green” gift guide I thought I would make something similar. A guide of sorts that shows off some of my favortie things for the house. So join me over the next few months as we go room by room. Let’s start in the kitchen…


*floral storage containers*cookbook*apron*rosemary print*tea towel*measuring cups* *fan*vintage utensils*green napkins*


Baby Leave

by Adriana on 03/01/2011

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Yup, it happened, I took a break from the blog to devote my time to my little Tucker man (he’s getting so big!).  Don’t worry though, I’m back in full (I mean half) swing. By half swing I mean two days a week. Tuesday’s and Thursday to start out with. And of course a “Mood board Monday” thrown in every now and then.

For those who sent requests for REdecorate with me packages, don’t worry! I’m in the process of working on them in between feedings, playing, and diaper changing.

I leave you with some of my current inspirations…notice a theme?